Concrete cutters, wall and floor

With decades of experience in concrete cutting, our team of trained technicians can support all types of projects – residential, commercial, and industrial. Expect competitive pricing, high-quality workmanship and a safety-first mindset. We work across concrete cutting, drilling, sawing, sealing, curing, grinding, coring, and grooving. When it comes to concrete, there’s nothing we can’t do. And we can confidently say this because of the calibre of our guys, our machinery, licensing and procedures, and length of service.

We can perform many different types of cuts, including on walls and floors. Our adjacent services include demo sawing, high-frequency cutting, dust control, ring sawing, concrete chasing, slurry control, and jackhammering. Part of our wall cutting service includes brick facades.


The price of concrete cutting   

While you might find general pricelists and concrete cutting calculators, it’s important to speak directly to a team that can provide a specific quote. We have a two-step process that starts with a free no-obligation estimate, followed by an on-site quote (if you’re happy with the ballpark price). The cost depends on a range of factors including the depth of the cutting, your location, and the unique attributes of the site.


Ask us concrete cutting questions. We’re here to help.

You also likely have some questions that you’d like to discuss. What depth of concrete can you cut into? Is a water supply necessary to perform the cutting? What about slurry prevention? Is it noisy? Do you offer services outside of greater Adelaide? Do I need to prepare anything? These types of questions.

We take great pride in our focus on safety, quality, and the environment. Ask us about our qualifications, training, associations, and approach to OH&S.


Concrete cutting in all situations

Wall and floor cutting is one of our popular services. Concrete wall saws are typically used on vertical surfaces when there’s a requirement for a new doorway, window or air-conditioner opening. We do it with the minimum amount of time, fuss and mess – and with the maximum efficiency and safety.

For Adelaide’s best wall and floor concrete cutting, give us a call. We travel all over Adelaide for quotes, projects, and post-service check-ups. Our guys always arrive on time, are fully insured and licensed, and work to a procedure that we’ve honed over decades. Your home, workplace or large-scale project is safe with the Concrete Cutting Adelaide team. Contact us today.