A local concrete trenching team

Concrete trenching is a service that describes removing a portion of the (concrete) slab. There are many reasons for this, such as moving or adding plumbing pipes or electrical conduit. ‘Trenching’ requires the skills and experience of a specialist concrete team.

Concrete Cutting Adelaide offers trenching services to residential and commercial clients. Trenching requires precision and expert manoeuvring of equipment, as well as a vast understanding of this material, and the safety concerns surrounding it. It’s important to hire the right team.


The cost of concrete trenching

We don’t provide an estimated price until we’ve spoken to you. Every job we work on is different, even if the service is the same (concrete trenching). First, we encourage you to call our team and discuss the job, so we can provide a free no-obligation estimate. If you’re happy with the ballpark price, we’ll organise an on-site visit to provide a full quote.

We need to determine the location of the project, accessibility, overcuts, slurry, and the removal process. By working with us, you’ll only get our employees, not subcontractors we funnel jobs out to. We’re a small, flexible and friendly team, who you’ll enjoy working with.


Concrete trenching is complex. But, not for us.

Circular saws, walk-behind saws, safety gear, eye and ear protection, filtration masks, knee pads, heavy-duty boots and gloves – a lot goes into preparing for and completing concrete trenching projects. It’s no easy feat, which is why it’s best to hire a professional team to handle it.


Adelaide’s concrete pros

Our guys spend their days determining the best equipment for projects, managing dust, preparing concrete slabs, creating guide cuts, and removing concrete from trenches. We can also help with concrete cutting, drilling, sawing, sealing, curing, grinding, and coring. The Concrete Cutting Adelaide team is licensed and qualified, use modern equipment, work with a safety-first mindset, and guarantee results. We take what we do seriously.

For all types of concrete jobs, call us. No matter what the size of the job is, we’re happy to handle it. Get in touch with us to talk about our past projects. We’re Adelaide’s concrete trenching specialists and we work across the metropolitan area. Contact us today for a no-obligation phone estimate, followed by a full on-site quote. If you’ve got any concrete-related questions, our team will be happy to answer them to help you make an informed decision.