Concrete Drilling Adelaide

 Hire a concrete driller

Some services just aren’t worth trying to master yourself (and save money). Because once you add up the time spent on learning a skill and buying or hiring the equipment, it’s more affordable to go with the pros. Concrete drilling is one such service. Whether you’re a homeowner, builder or construction company, you want efficiency, high-quality workmanship, and a commitment to safety. We offer all of this at Concrete Cutting Adelaide. Here are a few of our most popular services:


  • Concrete cutting
  • Concrete grinding
  • Pool removal
  • Floor sawing
  • Controlled demolition
  • Core drilling
  • Wall sawing
  • Concrete resurfacing
  • Excavating services
  • Removing all concrete surfaces
  • Tile removal
  • Total floor & wall preparation
  • Commercial & domestic fit-outs.


It’s best to start with a no-obligation consultation, so we can discuss your project needs, deadline, and budget. You can expect a team of hardworking, reliable, friendly technicians with a safety-first mindset.

What is concrete drilling?

Concrete drilling, otherwise known as core drilling, is the action of piercing precise holes in floors or walls. Concrete drilling is one of our standard services and something we perform daily. It’s in high-demand, because it requires a specialised diamond-tipped cutting tool to complete. Construction projects need core drilling for its efficiency and accuracy. Drilling perfectly rounded holes in concrete walls, floors, ceilings and other structures are impossible without this service. It’s often used to accommodate phone lines, plumbing, air conditioning ducting, and water systems.

We’ve worked on all types of concrete drilling projects, so we welcome any questions or problems. Our men like to think of themselves as problem-solvers.

Adelaide concrete drilling

Alongside our concrete drilling arm, we also perform cutting, coring and grinding services. From small households to large companies, we serve all types of clients. No job is too big or small for us. With an obsession with safety and an affinity for innovation, we’re confident our service is the best in Adelaide. Talk to us about our safety policies, customer support style, and commitment to high-quality workmanship. We also place great attention to our environmental impact. If you require concrete drilling, cutting, sawing or anything else, our men are ready to begin.

We don’t take our job lightly

Drilling is a speciality field and as leaders, we respect our position in the market and hold it with great responsibility. This means not only ensuring our customers are happy but making a positive impact on our industry.

We want you to not only use our time and time again but have faith in concrete drilling as a solution. We’re open to your questions, concerns and to discuss the vision of your project. Start with an on-site consultation, so we can discuss your needs. Our men travel all over Adelaide. Get ready to experience the highest standards in our industry… and see what’s possible with concrete drilling today.

Get the Concrete Cutting Adelaide team on the job.