Adelaide’s concrete cutters

For all your concrete cutting needs, we’re the team to call. We specialise in sawing, cutting, coring, grinding and drilling services.

You won’t come across concrete cutters every day, seeing as it’s a unique offering. Not only does it require a professional skillset, training and experience – there are the equipment and tools that are a major investment.

If you need work completed by a large handheld concrete saw, call on us. We often go out to homes and businesses who need to get concrete cut to dig new plumbing underground.

Concrete cutting, explained

It’s not uncommon for a construction project to require changes to existing concrete structures. For example, to create a doorway, new opening, access to pipes or for ease and stability reasons.

No matter what you need to create in an existing concrete wall, we can do it. This is why concrete cutting is so important because work can’t be completed without the help of this service.

And it’s not the type of action that can just any ‘handy’ person can do. For all concrete cutting work, we’ll make sure it’s attended to efficiently, safely, and affordably. Bring us in for renovation or update projects.

If you need to have a slab of concrete cut, you want some edging taken down so you can have your concrete floors polished like our friends do over at concrete driveways Gold Coast, or you just need to lay some new piping done, then contact us today and speak with one of our expert team members.

cut concrete

Professional concrete cutting

Removing concrete that’s been on the property for years isn’t easy, without the help of an expert team. In fact it’s nearly impossible. For clean cuts, hiring a team is the only way. If you try cutting with the wrong blade, it can end in chaos. You might damage the saw and concrete.

For one-time jobs, it doesn’t make sense to buy all the equipment and tools. Hire our team of concrete cutters to visit your home or site. Let’s discuss how we can help you with your concrete cutting needs.

It’s not as expensive as you might think, too. Consider the cost of the saw, a blade, the training and actually performing the work. That’s not to mention any awkward tight spaces and odd angles that will undoubtedly pose a challenge. Leave this to the experts.

Talk to us about our previous works to get a feel for what’s possible. We have a strong focus on new technology and training, so you’re getting the latest in concrete cutting working with us. For every contract we work on, we ensure the most suitable method of delivery. Contact us today. We visit all locations in Adelaide.

Why us?

We have over 20 years’ experience in concrete cutting, and this is all we do. No, we’re not the kind of ‘men of all trades’ team. Dedicated to mastery in this one field, we can confidently say we’re the best in the business. And we travel all across Adelaide to help more clients see their plans come to fruition, faster.

Hiring us, you don’t have to worry about any equipment. We bring it all – the concrete saws, drilling machines, and various other tools. Known for premium work, you can also expect fair prices, Adelaide lads, and full license and insurance coverage.



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