This is one of our latest projects in North Adelaide. We had a business owner on Archer Street, right near The Wellington Hotel call us and ask if they could have a few slabs of concrete cut to make way for a new project, and we took it on. This was just a simple concrete cutting job in which they needed a section of concrete cut to make way for a new section of their store that they were planning to build a new feature on.

North Adelaide is quite an old suburb and a lot of the houses and building in that are had their concrete layed quite a long time ago, so in many cases that concrete has already started to crack and has become weaker over time. This can make it easier for us to cut through, but can also create a few issues as sections of the concrete that you do not want cut may start to produce small fractures from previous cracks. It is always best to contact a professional when needing your concrete cut and there is a large amount of time and precision that needs to go into the cut.

If you live in North Adelaide and have any concrete that you need cut, cored or drilled, then contact us today and we will be able to come to your North Adelaide property and not only offer you amazing service, but an affordable quote to match.